You're a Purpose-Driven Leader at an Architecture or Engineering firm with vision for a better future for your business, employees, clients, and life. 

You have an idea of where you want to go, but you're not sure how technology can help you get there. The problem is you don't have anyone on your team that really knows technology, understands your business, and can think strategically. 

This is where we can help:

  • Know where you stand compared to your objectives and competition
  • Have a cohesive plan that has technology working together and contributing to your success
  • See clear investments in your roadmap and budget
  • Get your IT to support your business objectives with tighter deadlines for clients
  • Gain leverage and get more meaningful work done with fewer resources
  • Implement simple IT that just works
  • Become more secure with proactive plan to avoid risk
  • Face fewer frustrating interruptions from technology disruptions and downtime

Our Process

Step 1

Discover   We first help you get in touch with your purpose and then align technology to get traction towards that purpose.


We gather data and insights about your Purpose, Business and Technology from multiple sources and before our consultants apply their expertise  in AE technology to craft your Roadmap.

Step 2


We design a Technology Roadmap, which includes both a risk plan and a budget, to help you navigate the technologies that will best help your business thrive and move you forward.

Step 3



We deliver the Technology Consulting, Apps, Infrastructure, Cloud and Managed Services you need to help you reach your destination.

"Business is moving fast. Technology faster. As the CEO, I cannot pass off the technology strategy any more."  -MF, CEO

Discover what needs to be on your Technology Roadmap.


“slashBlue has helped us see the big picture… to be much more intentional and patient when making decisions. They have helped us gain vision and live our values. I wouldn’t want to continue and grow without their support and help.”
— Matthew, Managing Partner
“slashBlue helped us to uncover the types of projects where we were losing money. This business intelligence helped stop the bleeding and only sell projects we could deliver our promise on, profitably.”
— Scott, Partner in charge of Sales
“I can’t tell you how many times I’m working with my clients and hear complaints about their IT support. So many people see IT support as a roadblock and not problem solvers. Every time I hear this, I just smile inside thinking that [before slashBlue] we used to be that way too. slashBlue has definitely changed that for us. Thank you, slashBlue!”
— Joel, Partner

How We Help

Technology Consulting


Direct Consulting to the CEO to drive competitive advantage and establish strategy with technology to gain momentum toward your purpose.

  • Collaboration & IT Infrastructure
  • Hardware
  • Business Intelligence
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Investment
  • Talent Management
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Security
  • Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Top AE Tools


Concrete Plan and Budget for C-level leaders to create departmental change Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance, Operations and beyond.

Digital Transformation


Selection of technology to match your roadmap and business strategy initiatives.


Deploying technology to give lift to your customer experience and how you work with a bias for action while managing risk.



Reliable and stable IT Support with planning and budgeting for predictable IT spending.


Private, public, hybrid cloud design and implementation to support the organization wherever you are.


Protect your intellectual property and keep your data secure with compliance from HIPAA to PCI, manage your risk.


Disaster recovery planning, backup and data recovery with RTO and RPOs.


Have you ever spent a lot on an expensive IT solution, only to realize you solved the wrong problem? 

Discover what needs to be on your Technology Roadmap.