3 Tips for the Uber-busy to Keep Improving


For the uber-busy, keeping up with personal development is difficult.

Even though we may have the best intentions togrow,  personal development can often get sidelined.

Here are a 3 ways you can keep improving even when you're maddeningly busy:

(and my favorite mental improvement app)


1) Leverage your time - When you need a break, be intentional. Read a book that will help you develop. Listen to an audiobook when you're in the car or working out.

2) Focus on your bookends - Work to improve your greatest strength and minimize damage from your greatest weakness. This can be incredibly motivating. When you stop the bad behavior, you make greater progress. When you strengthen what you're good at, you can enjoy your work more.

3) Learn as you go - Keep in mind your greatest strength and greatest weakness as you work. Look for opportunities to learn in the flow of what you are doing. Purpose is the mother of invention after all. If you have a will, you can find a way.

There's plenty of technology that can help you as well. One of my favorite apps is Elevate. Ithelped me to to dramatically accelerate my reading speed to 520 words per minute.  Because of Elevate, I am faster at every day math. I write greater clarity and simplicity.

Take advantage of these tips every day and you will find yourself gaining momentum toward what is most important to you.

May the Fourth be with you - 5 Great Star Wars Technologies

When Star Wars came out in 1977, it shocked the world with amazing space battles, realistic special-effects and mind blowing sound.

The desire to create and make better movies, pushed the technology.

The imagination and drive of George Lucas, and his team, created many new technologies that made the story come alive on screen.


Here are 5 of the technologies they created: (according to Rotten Tomatoes)

  1. The Dykstraflex - This special camera allowed filmmakers to replicate repeated camera movements for amazing space battles.
  2. Computer animation -  Star Wars gave us 3D wireframe animation.
  3. Go Motion - Better than stop-motion, go-motion used computer controlled puppets to mimic more realistic movement.
  4. THX sound - THX sound has become an industry standard for movies.
  5. Blue screen – The blue screen provided much greater realism than fake-looking rear projection. Blue screen set the bar for special effects in the modern era.

Let your inner George Lucas out and get to your mission faster with great technology.

The technology makes the purpose possible.