Get the results you need from new I.T. deployments with

slashBlue Technology Initiative Management for A/E

You need your new technology investments to work well and get results.

Anyone has been who has been through a technology rollout train-wreck knows it's not enough to get it installed. Successful implementations require buy-in from top leaders, careful planning not to disrupt existing business operations, alongside training and follow up to get staff to use it.

 We've helped A/E firms like yours to deploy new technology solutions with minimal disruption and maximum adoption.  

slashBlue’s Technology Initiative Management for A/E focuses on a single initiative on your technology roadmap to minimize risk, set the pace of change that fits your organization, drive user adoption, and increase the value of your investment to your firm.

Is Technology Initiative Management for A/E right for you?

This is a right fit if you:

  • Want technology used to deliver the value it promises.

  • Want a Transformation Consultant who can work with your leaders to get results.

  • Must have better results from the investments you are making in technology and training of staff.

  • Need technology to contribute to your objectives and purpose with higher adoption and measurable results.

This is NOT a fit if you:

  • Only need software installed but don't need people to use it consistently to deliver maximum value.

  • Are not willing to hold your staff and vendors accountable for results and commit to the transformation yourself.

  • Don't care about outperforming your competition by investing for growth.

  • Are not committed to getting much better results for your time and money.

What can you gain?

Discover   We first help you get in touch with your purpose and then align technology to get traction towards that purpose.

Technical Transformation

Your roadmap gets executed with a program designed & managed to meet your specific goals by an experienced CTO/CIO. You get the right partners and internal IT staff executing your projects. The CIO/CTO oversees risks and budget with end-to-end responsibility for your projects.

Pace of Change That Fits You

Using agile deployment methodology, solutions are rolled out at the right pace of change for your A/E firm.  Weekly meetings with the change team and our consultants allow for a deployment plan tailor-fit to you.


Higher Staff Adoption

Every staff person will have the new technology that helps them do their job better.

They will receive training customized to how your A/E firm works. (Optional Service)

“There are very few vendors I consider true partners. [Not slashBlue.] They are part of our leadership cabinet.”
— Matt, COO


Here is What You Get

Technology Initiative Management for A/E

  1. CIO/CTO- level Transformation Consultant accountable for technology objectives, from beginning to end, designing and executing your roadmap using IT staff, vendors, and suppliers to get it done.

  2. Release Accountability setting expectations and overseeing the release for new technology initiatives.

  3. Weekly tactical meetings with the change team, plus reporting to Technology Leaders.

  4. Program-level Management of your staff and vendors to make each initiative a success. For your current vendors and staff, your Consultant will hold them accountable to get their projects delivered. This service is designed for a single roadmap initiative at a time for initiatives requiring coordination of multiple staff and vendors to accomplish the project.

  5. Manage multiple interdependent projects at the same time to customize the pace of change that suits your organization. (optional service)

  6. Training oversight when new features and functionality impact how you do your jobs. Your Transformation Consultant will work with your team to make sure training happens. (optional service)

Not Ready Yet? 

Discover what needs to be on your Technology Roadmap.