Get a cohesive, clear IT investment plan

- every quarter and every year - 

with slashBlue Technology Planning

You have a destination you want to reach, but you’re not sure how technology can help you get there. The problem is no one on your team really knows technology, understands your business, and thinks strategically. 

The truth is, sometimes it takes an outside perspective to blow through obstacles and expert guidance to make technology return its investment for you.  

slashBlue’s turnkey technology investment roadmap designed for the Senior Care industry does just that: delivers expert insights from an experienced CIO to help you plan strategies for your goals, shows how you compare to best in class in the industry, clarifies the next investment decisions you need to make, identifies unneeded or failing technology spend to target, all to sharpen your focus on the right investments that will move your profit, your people, and your purpose forward.

Is slashBlue Technology Planning right for you?

Does your company:

  • Need to know where you stand compared to your objectives and best in class?

  • Want a cohesive plan where technology works together and contributes to your success?

  • Need clear guidance on investments to make now and in what order to do them?

  • Need better results for the investments you are making in technology and elsewhere?

  • Have focus and passion about your success in order to make your workplace and the world a better place?

…then slashBlue Technology Planning is what you need!

Or do you find your company:

  • Doesn’t care what the best in class are doing to succeed?

  • Is unwilling to create a strategy that shows how technology supports the business and goals?

  • Prefers to make decisions haphazardly without first establishing a plan?

  • Is not committed to getting better results from technology, time, and money?

  • Gives lip-service when it comes to improving the lives of employees, customers and making profit?

…then the time is not right to make this investment.

What can you gain?

Discover   We first help you get in touch with your purpose and then align technology to get traction towards that purpose.

Clarity and Insight

Work with an experienced CIO who will learn your criteria used for decisions. Your leadership team and staff will be surveyed to assess how technology is working to support your goals.    From Autodesk to Bluebeam to Cybersecurity, we’ll reveal your technology maturity and how you compare to other A/E firms.

A Roadmap Tailored to You

You will receive a Technology Roadmap, updated quarterly, designed to support your long-term strategy & annual plans. Whether you use EOS, OKRs, PurpOS or some other method  to manage your firm, the roadmap will guide you to your destination.


Ongoing Support

As your goals change, you will have one-to-one access to your CIO.  As your technology pain subsides and your maturity grows, you will gain more and more predictable results, increased momentum, and leverage toward your success.

"Business is moving fast. Technology faster.  As the CEO, I cannot pass off the technology strategy any more."  -MF, CEO


Here is What You Get

Technology Roadmap Consulting

  1. C-Level support for EOS, OKRs and PurpOS for a plan that reflects your current investment priorities tied to your business objectives for EVERY member of your leadership team.

  2. 1-Year Operating Budget recommendations including strategic investments, elimination of low value investments, keep the lights on spending with capital and operating budget guidelines.

  3. Annual assessment of all your information technology, including all the top Senior care software you use, such as Eldermark, Kasamba, PointCliceCare and more.

  4. Quarterly 1-to-1 with your CIO for 90 minutes.

  5. Detailed reporting on current value of deployed technology, and how well it is working for your staff.

  6. Policy Recommendations for security, disaster recovery, data use, buy-versus-lease and more.

  7. Living Investment Roadmap updated quarterly, you can use to reprioritize future technology investments in real-time for:

  • Collaboration & IT Infrastructure

  • Hardware

  • Business Intelligence

  • Project Management

  • Strategic Investment

  • Talent Management

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Security

  • Continuity and Disaster Recovery

  • Top Senior Care Technology

Not Ready Yet? 

Discover what needs to be on your Technology Roadmap.