Keep your software up-to-date
staff trained on the best way to use it to do their jobs
with Software & Playbook Update for A/E

You need every person in your company to have the tools every day to do their jobs.

It's no good if you've purchased it and it has not been updated. It's no good if it's been deployed and no one uses it. The Autodesk suite needs be deployed at the right time, to everyone. Bluebeam needs to be used  to create value with upstream and downstream partners.

We've helped A/E firms like yours make sure all critical software is on the same version for all your staff and that they are trained on how to use it to do their jobs.  by regularly updating your most critical software and creating playbooks and training for staff,  we will make sure your staff have the same version of software and are have the training to use it in the same way to produce results for your firm.

Is Software & Playbook Update for A/E right for you?

This is right for you if you:

  • Want technology used to deliver the value it promises.
  • Need versions deployed at the right time   across all of your partners and clients.
  • Must have better results from the investments you are making in technology and training of staff.
  • Need a coordinated plan to keep software up-to-date and your staff trained to use it.

This is NOT a fit for you if you:

  • Are "ok" with technology installed but not used  to deliver value and save money.
  • Are not willing to deploy the software that your partners and clients are using.
  • Don't value staff improvement  Training them to  use technology in a consistent way to create more value with less effort.
  • Are not committed to getting much better results for your time and money. 

What can you gain?

Discover   We first help you get in touch with your purpose and then align technology to get traction towards that purpose.

Personal Technology Chef

Like a dedicated technology chef and personal trainer for all your staff. You'll get a coordinated plan to update all your key software in a published schedule. Your technology chef  will take the top  software you use and customize a playbook for your  staff to use it. Not only general IT, but the specific tools that help your A/E firm deliver value such as Autodesk Suite, Bluebeam, Rushforth Tools, Sharefile, Specklink, Master Spec, Adobe Creative Cloud.

Up-To-Date Software Versions

The key software you use every day to create value for your clients.  No more wondering which version to use.  no more headaches and hassle from people using different versions of software or not having the tools to do their job.


Playbooks for how you work

Get training for every staff person on how you use your technology to create value for your A/E firm.   When your software gets updated, their playbook does too.   No more wondering if people know how to use the software to do their job.

“So many people see IT support as a roadblock and not problem solvers. Every time I hear this, I just smile inside thinking that [before slashBlue] we used to be that way too. slashBlue has definitely changed that for us. Thank you, slashBlue!”
— Joel, Partner


Here is What You Get

Software & Playbook Update for A/E

  1. Release schedule from your personal technology chef  with with clear expectations.  Whether software needs to be installed, or is provided in the cloud, you will have a coordinated plan for updating, releasing and training on the key software you use.
  2. Quarterly Software Updates Done for you  and deploying updates to your key software as often as every quarter.
  3. Playbooks for how you work   Beyond new features and functionality, we help you specify processes and procedures for your firm so that the software is used in a consistent way across all your employees.
  4. Coordination with your staff to make  each release a success. From internal training leaders, HR to internal IT staff,  your personal technology chef will coordinate to get software released.
  5. Training oversight for every release when new features and functionality impact how you do your jobs. Your personal technology chef will work with your team to make sure training happens at the same time as the software is released.
  6. Weekly tactical meeting for in-flight projects and schedule changes, plus reporting to your CIO. 

Not Ready Yet? 

Discover what needs to be on your Technology Roadmap.