We believe in purpose.

We know tapping into it is how real progress is made. If we sound more like XPRIZE than an IT services firm, that’s not by mistake. We’re catalysts too, called to advance the world one client at a time. Our way is to put purpose first and let technology follow. For us, technology is never the solution, it’s simply the tool—a supercool tool at that—but still just a tool.

Purpose is where it all starts—each day and on each client project.

We know changed people are the real agents of change and organizational growth happens when technology is simply a means to achieve a purpose. Each one of us is dedicated to this ideal. It’s in all that we do, from performance consulting to IT design to support services. We’re pointing the lens back to where it belongs—where there is purpose, there is progress.

“slashBlue is an extension of our team. They take the initiative to root out problems and bring us results —they really are a part of us.”
— Matt, COO
“The slashBlue team really cares. They have a passion for what they do and have been a tremendous partner.”
— John, Partner