I appreciate the flexibility and support slashBlue offers to staff. The leadership team genuinely cares about me as a person. I’ve experienced this multiple times from when several individuals, including my direct manager, asked how they could help me take time off during my father-in-law’s heart surgery to the countless times people have said they would cover my work when my family gets the adoption call. I’ve had busy on-call weeks and someone stepped up and asked if they could give me the night off with my wife and cover on-call for the night. You won’t find this at many other companies. I’m proud to serve alongside the people at slashBlue and look forward to preserving this type of culture in the years to come.

— Adam Bauer · March 2018

Thank you for your interest in a career at slashBlue!

We currently have the following open position available:


Senior Service Management Engineer

Fill a key position in our technology Service & Support organization, working with the Managed Services Director to help proactively manage & improve day-to-day operational health, streamline preventative maintenance & implementation processes, perform critical client infrastructure updates, serve as gatekeeper to production for all new client solutions and assist in multiple aspects of overseeing a growing Managed Services practice.