Get the results you need for your existing I.T.

with slashBlue Technology Operations Oversight


You need the investment in your staff and partners to get results.

 We've helped A/E firms like yours manage internal I.T. staff, vendors and suppliers to make sure technology is stable and issues get resolved, fast. With a real CIO using best practices, we systematically eliminate technology painpoints so that your firm can run smoothly.

 More than just networks, infrastructure management, and desktop support functioning, your Autodesk partner, Bluebeam investment and all your staff need to work together to get results.

To deliver its full value, technology needs to work—not only inside your company—but with upstream and downstream partners as well.


Is slashBlue’s Technology Operations Oversight right for your company?

This is right if you:

  • Want a CIO who can manage the technical & organizational complexity of a growing firm.

  • Need more consistent results, stability, and security from all of your IT suppliers, clients and staff.

  • Need better results from the investments you are making in technology and elsewhere.

  • Need expert Single Point of Accountability to help resolve issues, bring providers together, and eliminate the blame game.

This is NOT a fit if you:

  • Have fewer than 20 people, you dont have the complexity to justify it.

  • Are not willing to get the right people in the right seats to remove ineffective suppliers or solutions.

  • Underestimate your staff's time & potential to create value and grow your business.

  • Are not committed to getting better results for your technology, time, and money.

What can you gain?

Discover   We first help you get in touch with your purpose and then align technology to get traction towards that purpose.

Expert Oversight

An experienced CIO will set the right expectations for your IT vendors, staff and suppliers and be held accountable for results.  Not just IT Support, but all staff and partners that help your A/E firm deliver value including your Autodesk Reseller, Deltek, printing supplier, CAD experts, CRM vendor and more.

Right People, Right Seats

Eliminate the runaround and the blame game.

Let a professional CIO manage the right people to resolve issues faster and eliminate the headaches.


Consistent Results

We know what works and what won't work for A/E firms. Your CIO will address lagging or underperforming areas to provide a consistent experience for your staff, partners, and customers.

“There are very few vendors I consider true partners. [Not slashBlue.] They are part of our leadership cabinet.”
— Matt, COO


Here is What You Get

Technology Operations Oversight

  1. CIO oversight of all your Information technology, your IT staff, vendors, and suppliers.

  2. Management Accountability Setting expectations and managing the release cycle for your information technology, updated each quarter.

  3. Performance assessment for your information technology staff, vendors, and suppliers. Assesses the right people in the right seats for your A/E firm.

  4. Monthly oversight meeting with your CIO.

  5. Detailed reporting on current performance of IT staff, vendors, and suppliers, licensing recommendations for your critical A/E software.

  6. Weekly tactical meeting for addressing issues and upcoming changes to technology already in place, plus reporting to executive team. (for EOS L10s, Weekly Tactical Meeting, Weekly Navigation)

Not Ready Yet? 

Discover what needs to be on your Technology Roadmap.